Acid – Base Chemistry ; Titrations

An indicator in chemistry is used to detect the presence of a specific chemical or a specific type ofchemical. In this lab, we are going to use red cabbage juice as an indicator to identify pH of vinegar . Using this we are going to identify the amount of acetic acid in vinegar. Acid-Base-Chemistry;TitrationDownload

Construction of a spectroscope

A spectroscope decomposes light. It works by taking light and splitting it into the wavelengths thatmake it up which is known as a spectrum. Its many uses are found in the fields of physics, chemistryand biology to determine the composition of different substances. Different elements make differentcolors when they glow. We can make objects and… Continue reading Construction of a spectroscope

Free fall using an acoustic stopwatch on a smartphone

A freely falling object on Earth is solely under the influence of gravity. This experiment utilizes a mobile application Phyphox that makes use of an acoustic watch to help us calculate the value of acceleration due to gravity 'g'. freefall-using-an-acoustic-stpowatch-on-the-smartphoneDownload

Heating Water and Air

Specific heat capacity is a materialistic property specific to each material. It relates changes in amaterial’s temperature to the energy transferred to or from the material by heating. In this experiment we qualitatively analyse the heat energy transferred into a material (in this case airand water) due to the difference in the specific heat capacities… Continue reading Heating Water and Air

Smartphone Spectroscopy

The reason we see color is because everything around us absorbs different wavelengths of light.The change in color of a colored solution with change in concentration is something that we can see. But it is difficult for us to identify the concentration just by looking at the color of a solution with our naked eyes… Continue reading Smartphone Spectroscopy