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How do we support students’ curiosity and help them advance their interest in learning science? What are some creative ways to teach Physics with inexpensive resources? How could we have a meaningful online engagement for teaching and learning science?

Background of the workshop

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Faculty members at Azim Premji University have always looked forward to interacting with school teachers and educators around the country to engage with broader efforts to improve the quality of education. Several residential workshops for school science teachers have been held at the University since the inception of the undergraduate programme.

Over the pandemic, with the students away from campus, there was a risk of them losing out on hands-on experimental work which is extremely vital in learning science. To mitigate this possibility, faculty members put together experimental kits for courses that involved practical work and sent these kits by post to students. The kits consisted of simple equipment and apparatus which allowed students to perform experiments and quantitative measurements to a fair degree of accuracy and precision. This work is discussed in a separate series on this site.

Faculty members felt that it might be worthwhile to adopt this strategy to work with teachers as well. While an online workshop does have its own constraints, we felt that we should continue working with teachers and make use of our experience of engaging students online over the past two years.

Experimental kits for the teacher workshop being prepared at the University campus at Sarjapura

Details of the sessions

The details of individual sessions are discussed in other posts in this series. The topics of the workshop sessions were as follows-

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