Better way of refrigerating food?

Came across this idea, new to me at least, of preserving food, in a container full of water, strong enough to hold the contents at constant volume. Normally a recipe for disaster- broken bottles stand witness – this works because the water doesn’t actually freeze even though cooled a bit below 0 degrees C, the pressure just builds up to keep it liquid (thermal physics class, please note). so no ice crystals to pierce cell walls, no heat to be removed to freeze the water, and no heat to be put in to melt it either when you want to eat it. The pressure can be large even for a very small depression of the freezing point -1 atmosphere buys you just 0.06 degrees…… you really have to trust the vessel not to burst, so perhaps wait till it becomes more common? But supposed to save a lot of energy, and the food tastes less mushy, I’m told.

to look up more, try a keyword like ‘isochoric refrigeration of food’ or a link like

  1. Isochoric Freezing: A New Technology for Food Preservation … › november › columns01/11/2019 · Isochoric freezing is an innovative freezing technology that can significantly improve the quality of frozen foods. The key element is the thermodynamic conditions in which freezing occurs. Traditional freezing occurs at a constant atmospheric pressure, whereas isochoric freezing occurs at constant volume.


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